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Biden What Next?
Publication date: 2021-04-27

What is America Back to under Biden?

When Joe Biden was elected US President, he proclaimed: “America is back!”.

But what is America back to under Joe Biden?

The new “Biden Era” narrative by the US Media promotes the idea that up to Donald Trump the USA was the leader of the “Liberal World Order”, but Trump has spoiled it all by his “America First” policy, and now Joe Biden is bringing America back to its world leadership role.

But what was the US Foreign Policy before Donald Trump?

In 2001 George Bush proclaimed a “War on Terror”, and the USA invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq.

Both the wars lacked any valid reason and were justified by the lowest of political demagogy. And this had resulted in the election of Barack Obama, who at the time of his election campaign was talking about “turning around America”, but, when elected, started two more wars in Libya and Syria, and gave full US support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

These wars, the propaganda used to justify them, and the atrocities committed in the course of these wars (Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, ...), as well as the effect of these wars on the American economy, had lead to the election of Donald Trump who was promising to end these wars and “Make America Great Again” by dealing with America's own problems and governing it in such way as to make it example to the rest of the world, rather than waging wars around the world as his predecessors did.

As it happened he has failed to end the wars of his predecessors, and was replaced with Joe Biden, who is poised to “usher in a new era”.

So, what does President Biden, and those behind him, want America to return to? Bush/Obama wars?

No. He intends to end US support for the Yemen War and wants to end the Afghan War.

He is, however, under pressure to be “tough” on Syria and Iran, and even had thrown a missile on Syria.

Like his pre-Trump predecessors, Biden still sees America as the “Leader of the Liberal Democratic World” defending this world against “threats” from “illiberal dictatorships” (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, ...). But not by using this ideology to justify wars against Asian and African countries, like Bush and Obama did, but by seeking to establish “American Leadership” by “vigorous diplomacy”, as can be seen from the recent US actions.

Yes, the Biden Administration has been busy creating and re-creating the Old Cold War “alliances” against its perceived “main adversary and competitor” China, and imposing “sanctions” on some Chinese officials, accusing them of “Human Rights violations”.

There also have been some “vigorous diplomacy” and sanctions against another “America's foe”, the Russian Federation, accusing its president of Human Rights violations.

And now the US is accusing Turkey of “genocide” against Armenians in 1915.

What are the motivations for this “vigorous diplomacy” and what will be the result of this “Biden Era” politics?

The motivation for this new Foreign Policy is to re-establish American World Leadership. And they seek to achieve this by finding faults with other countries and assuming the role of the World Judge, Jury and Policeman — the same as it was in the Bush/Obama days, but with wars being replaced with sanctions.

The immediate results of this Biden Era US Foreign Policy, however, have been the opposite of those intended.

The Chinese and the Russians responded with counter-sanctions and accusations of meddling into their internal affairs, while Turkey rebuffed the US allegations and accused Biden of “populism”, saying that historical events should be judged by historians, not politicians.

None of the “US foes” have changed their behaviour or showed any signs of accepting “American Leadership”.

On the contrary, they all became stronger and more assertive, with the Chinese explaining to the US diplomats that the US is not a “leader of the world”, but just another country, like all the rest, and that they cannot talk to the Chinese from the “position of strength”, but can only deal with them on equal terms.

So why do US presidents keep choosing such self-defeating “foreign policies” which weaken the US position in the world and turn it into a global laughing stock?

To answer that question one needs not to be distracted by the posturings and grimaces of the Monkey sitting on the shoulder of the Organ Grinder1, but to look at the Organ Grinder himself, because it is he, not the Monkey, who runs the show of the US Foreign Policy.

Yes, the American Foreign Policy is not chosen by American presidents, they just make speeches and announcements. The Foreign Policy is decided by an invisible Organ Grinder who selects the tune of the US Foreign Policy. But this Organ Grinder is not a single person, it is a host of speech writers, advisors, lobbyists, and opinion shapers who control the presidential mind.

And the mind of this collective Organ Grinder is shaped by decades of political spin of their predecessors.

And the words and cliches they are using now are still those of the Old Cold War of the 1960s. They still see the world as divided between us, the West and, them, the East, with the USA being the Leader of the West, keeping them, the East (the dictatorships) under control.

But, even in the 1960s, the Real World was not as it was presented by the US Media Narrative of the time (it never is), and it is even more different from that narrative today.

No country wants to invade or attack the USA, it is the USA that has been invading and attacking other countries this century.

The problems the USA has are all of their own making, and they cannot be dealt with by ignoring them or distracting from them by attacking other countries, be it militarily, as under Bush/Obama, or diplomatically and by sanctions, as is being attempted under Biden.

To regain its self-respect the USA, needs to learn to deal with the rest of the world, not as a Global Dictator, but on equal terms, which will benefit the USA and the rest of the world.

So, it is now for the leaders of other countries to educate the collective Organ Grinder of the US Foreign Policy, so it would learn new tunes more appropriate for the present times, which will be beneficial for the USA and the world, rather than causing more world problems as the US Foreign Policy has been doing up to now.

The rest of the 21st Century will not be the “American Century” some US ideologists were dreaming about, but the Century of the Re-Education of the Collective Organ Grinder of the US Foreign Policy, in which other countries will play their educational role.

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1) Before smart phones, radios and tape recorders, there was a music producing gadget called “organ”. It was a large wooden box with a handle turning (grinding) which produced some musical tune. It was used in markets and squares to attract crowds and earn some small change. In addition to the organ, the organ grinder had a monkey which entertained the crowd by its postures and grimaces. This has given birth to the saying: “Don't talk to the monkey, talk to the organ grinder”, as it was him who was in charge, not the monkey.

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